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Internal Demons

There are demons inside

who wait to make their move.

They stay in my heart and hide

until they decide it is time to move.


At any moment they strike whenever they please,

creating a constant hell inside my heart,

making it difficult for me to even breathe.

These demons are different, only coming out

when everything is perfect, just wrecking havoc

where they see fit. I know what they’re about,

who they want, what they want.

My battle is against myself, who will be the winner?

Do I get my freedom or will they keep me as their slave?

Taunting me, teasing me, that’s what demons do.

They toy with your head and your heart so 

you won’t have anyone or anything to support you.


Six A.M

Six in the morn missing those shut eyes

that bring me dreams and helped me escape my life.

Six in the morning, how do you do?

Did you welcome me with breakfast or

did you forget that too?


Six a.m., where do I begin? 

To start with the restless nights or shall we speak of the hems?

Consistent thoughts, forever loose-ends,

this plague is overtaking me and I don’t have the 

strength to keep it in.

Please understand that this is all I can do,

for the days are crazy and the nights are long,

only because it told them to.


Six o’clock, that’s where I am right now.

Abiding by its rules so maybe I can rest 

somehow. Six a.m., I didn’t welcome you here,

but you won’t leave until you’re satisfied, so

I guess you’ll always be near.

Forgotten words, leftover stories,

the night is just about to begin.


Two Worlds

This world we know is not the one we knew.

The war inside, the constant fire,

yet nothing burns.

We create our own visible hell and become covered

in scars and physical memories.

Two sides divided, both aimed at one another,

but the visions do not compare; for I am

only a part of one. 

Two worlds pulled out before us, which shall you believe?

Perception, or reality?


I sit here and think,

that’s what has got the best of me.

The mind alone can work wonders on any body,

so why doesn’t it cooperate with me?

Too many thoughts, too many tasks,

when will I be able to slow it down?


Compromise on meeting in the middle,

that’s how the world is seen.

Promises get broken and the thoughts overtake you,

but your mind is supposed to be far too keen.

For who,

For me?


I sit, and I pray to the Heavens

that this chaos will one day make sense.

The fast days and now blurry faces,

I hope they can forgive.

Bittersweet Symphonies

I write this today, this bittersweet symphony

With a heart filled with pain.

Every day seems to be a struggle, my life is passing me by.

I hear the voice inside my head ask that edgy question,

“Do I dare?” and “Maybe”,

but I’m tired of the skepticism.

I come to you today with a bittersweet symphony,

life is good, and the people in mine are happy.

So why can’t I be?

I try so hard to make theirs just a little bit easier,

but it always turns out to be the same.

Can I afford these memories?

My hand on the trigger and at any minute

I, too, can enjoy such a pleasantry.

I come to you today with this bittersweet symphony

and this plague has finally set in.

What do you do when no matter how hard you try

you can just never win?

I need answers; the desire and want has

long surpassed me.

I need this void to flee me,

but it won’t without a bittersweet symphony.

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