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Chapter II

I don’t know where to begin honestly. I’ve written and rewritten this post four times now and the emotions and memories I want to express are difficult to place into words. Time changes things, heals things and breaks things, but it also can better things. 

This is the first time in my life where I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’ve made new friends, strengthened older ones, forgiven past ones. I’ve found love, made love, and shared a part of myself I thought I never would. I’ve seen more of life, smelled it, tasted it, heard it, and touched its beauty far longer than my past intentions; but I didn’t go through turmoil and excessive pleasure to learn nothing. 

Whoever you bring into your life, or leave out, has a huge influence on who you turn out to  be. With some cropping, cutting, and pasting your life can go however you want it to. It’s your life; if you wish to lead an impulsive and fulfilling life–do it. If your desire is an enriching and stable life, go for it.The only one who can stop you is yourself. 


Do some re-evaluating on your life and see if this is where you want to be. Remember, you hold the pen, don’t let anyone hold the pen to your story. 





Repetition Ends In Failure

Everybody has a cycle, a series of repetitious events per se; whether it be you fall into the same abusive relationships or have the undying need to try and save everybody because you think they deserve someone to believe in them, we all have a story. We all have a cycle.

They all assumed she was okay, leaving her to think about the events that would make her head spin ’round tirelessly. Just then, she had realised one thing about herself; she would never be okay again.

Help,” she whispered before allowing that one painful tear to slide down her left cheek.

Happiness tears from the right eye—-Pain tears from the left.

Change is inevitable, love is powerful, pain is the deepest. Rescue is possible, you don’t have to do this alone.

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