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I Drink My Coffee Black

Hello all!

To those who share a like-minded universe this should be a treat! You know as I get older I feel myself grow out from old ways and old traditions, and I’m reaching out for newer, better experiences. Take coffee for example. I used to despise it, the buttery black liquid in my mug as my aunt would tell me its the only way I will lose weight and look attractive–to stop eating and begin downing this bitter drink. As time passed my love for coffee grew too. I drink it black. Something about drinking the black bitterness makes me warm and hyper focused, and it’s not just the caffeine. They say those who prefer their coffee without cream and sugar hold a certain type of personality, a specific kind of mindset. Maybe it’s folkways, but to man extent it holds some truth. I have grown to see how far I have come, coffee intake and all, since moving out from my parents almost five and a half years ago, but sometimes I can still feel her–the old her, the naïve her. My innermost childlike state of self will always be a part of me, a part of all of us regardless how much time seems to pass us by.

They say if you drink your coffee black you are a black and white thinker, that silliness and mess are usually not so indistinguishable from playful, and you are more serious-minded. Or suppose you are ‘supposed ‘to be. One thing about drinking coffee without the cream and without the mountain of sugar is there is no extra supplies, and it is pure, wholesome blackness. Some lose themselves in the blackness by losing their playfulness, but as I get older I realize that is not how one should grow up–too serious. Erich Fromm wrote “The decisive point is not what is thought but how it is thought‘, and it is absolutely true.

Deciding if you ant cream, sugar, or neither in your coffee is okay because no matter what they say about your personality, only you hold the true knowledge on whether you believe the generalized other. Five years ago I would have said I believe what they say about the black liquid, but I know far more about how their misconceptions do not have to shape me if I don’t see it to be a good fit. In other words, you can make your decisions about anything you please, but how you arrive at your destination is what truly matters. Take Emerson’s words, take the road less traveled and see how much more value you find instead.

And no, this is not just about coffee.



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