Pursuit to my happiness

Dark, Twisty Places

Hello all! Welcome back to the inside of my universe.

Allow me to vent for a little…on sliding back into the soul.

My soul has been full lately, and with great reason! I’ve visited family, had a chat with a close friend or so, my love life has been great…but lately the emotional toll that I hold back, the negativity I hold on to, has weighed down my soul. It’s in quite a dark place, a dark and twisty place.

Being around folks that require more energy than most do not bother me, however it is their negative energy they give me in return that is the most draining. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel disconnected from your own emotions because you’re holding together the negative energy that eats away at you? I fall apart when I enter this dark, twisty place–and no one notices. I like to fall apart in the comfort of my own judgmental sorrow.

What do you do when you have nothing left in your soul to give, except the negative energy you’ve held on to for so long? As I fall apart I have to remember that I’m also putting myself together too…..all within time.

“Good things come to those who wait”,



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