Pursuit to my happiness

Six A.M

Six in the morn missing those shut eyes

that bring me dreams and helped me escape my life.

Six in the morning, how do you do?

Did you welcome me with breakfast or

did you forget that too?


Six a.m., where do I begin? 

To start with the restless nights or shall we speak of the hems?

Consistent thoughts, forever loose-ends,

this plague is overtaking me and I don’t have the 

strength to keep it in.

Please understand that this is all I can do,

for the days are crazy and the nights are long,

only because it told them to.


Six o’clock, that’s where I am right now.

Abiding by its rules so maybe I can rest 

somehow. Six a.m., I didn’t welcome you here,

but you won’t leave until you’re satisfied, so

I guess you’ll always be near.

Forgotten words, leftover stories,

the night is just about to begin.



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