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Bittersweet Symphonies

I write this today, this bittersweet symphony

With a heart filled with pain.

Every day seems to be a struggle, my life is passing me by.

I hear the voice inside my head ask that edgy question,

“Do I dare?” and “Maybe”,

but I’m tired of the skepticism.

I come to you today with a bittersweet symphony,

life is good, and the people in mine are happy.

So why can’t I be?

I try so hard to make theirs just a little bit easier,

but it always turns out to be the same.

Can I afford these memories?

My hand on the trigger and at any minute

I, too, can enjoy such a pleasantry.

I come to you today with this bittersweet symphony

and this plague has finally set in.

What do you do when no matter how hard you try

you can just never win?

I need answers; the desire and want has

long surpassed me.

I need this void to flee me,

but it won’t without a bittersweet symphony.

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