Pursuit to my happiness

Something Worth Evaluation

To all, hello (:

I had a dream last night that I had come across someone I once knew; he stood right in front of me and he was naked, his eyes stayed on mine and his body language was quite vulnerable. He did not speak, which at first I found to be weird, until I looked into his eyes–they were screaming with pain and uncertainty mixed with sadness and need. It was terrifying how easy I was able to see his emotions as he stood stark naked in front of me, and then the thought hit me–he’s naked because he’s bare, he has nothing to hide and he’s vulnerable. He’s lost. 

This man that I once knew just kept staring at me, his eyes were begging me to help him, but every time I reach out towards him he does not move. It began to frustrate me because even though his eyes were screaming for help his body did not move. His stature did not move. Remembering this dream still gives me the chills because as much as I tried to help the more his eyes screamed. 

Somebody out there needs me despite the individual, this dream wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t need to help someone. This dream is something actually worth evaluating. Hmmm…




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