Pursuit to my happiness

Day (366) – Smiles

The Better Man Project ™

Our true happiness doesn’t come from grades, from winning, from beating someone at something, from playing a game better, or any of those other things the world claims brings satisfaction. Our happiness comes from staying true to ourselves.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

 – E.E. Cummings.

Cummings has it right, this world tries to change us into something mediocre the best it can. It brings temptation, the things we know we don’t want in life, and makes us think twice about the things we have. It causes us to speculate about what will happen, and what’s out of our control. It tries to mold us into a plain version of everybody else. But if we really want to…

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