Pursuit to my happiness

Just Another Page

I almost died once because I let it affect me; the obsession to be something, the infatuation to help others, the need to be wanted, the want to be needed—the want to be loved. I began to look for that rush, the pills, the blades, the burns….it was all so entrancing.

painkillers tumblr_mehayfX1E31rec45oo1_500


We live on the cusp of death thinking ‘it won’t be us’- Macklemore


Comments on: "Just Another Page" (2)

  1. You will ALWAYS be loved! You have me, and I am so incredibly happy you chose life. I hear your voice. I see your pain. I LOVE you

  2. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been rummaging for! Fantastic and thank you!

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