Pursuit to my happiness

Har Har all! 

A few things on the universe lately, and of course it pertains to those things that are sexual (it wouldn’t be so entertaining if it were something else, yeah? ;)) 

Sex. It’s something we all have, at some point, thought about, and/or engaged in; whether it be with yourself, a partner, or maybe even a couple of partners (for those with a wilder streak?) But why do some people place this act up on such urgent priority? I can understand the need to feel close to someone and the intimate details that sex involves, but can’t the closeness and the euphoria of sex be received from cuddling or maybe even sensual touch? 

What would happen if the urgency for sex was taken out of the equation, what would remain? Can you have a relationship without sex? If you can’t, ask yourself what it is about sex, other than it obviously feels good, that you can’t do without. 

I understand that sex is a natural process humans feel, but what I don’t understand is why people put such a high regard for it. I suppose this is the part where I should say “people have individual needs and wants” ? 

Random discussions with people leads to random blog posts. 



Comments on: "Life Outside Of Sexual Attraction" (2)

  1. Ms. Merlot said:

    Hello 🙂 The way I see it, is that people vary in levels of sexual desire and the importance they put on sex. Personally, I value sex very highly as I believe it’s a powerful way to connect with my boyfriend. And it keeps me healthy – physical activity, orgasms and bonding with my love. That said, I really enjoy cuddling too, holding hands and kissing. It’s all important in my relationship.

    Ms. Merlot

  2. Hello (:
    I believe that keeping the intimacy is very important, especially in a relationship, because each person has that certain level of affection and intimacy that he/she desires. I appreciate your feedback Ms. Merlot!


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