Pursuit to my happiness

Speak in Silence

During a crucial time does one speak? Does one remain silent? Depending on the situation I assume. “No more talking. No more social groups. No more people. No more pain “. My hypothesis sometimes. These are the words floating in my head, forever burned inside of my brain hoping one day someone will listen to them. Nobody ever does. 

One day there will be a dire need for me to talk, to speak, but I will not be able to due to how the other person perceives my words. I hurt people, I cause pain and sadness, but that is the opposite effect that I wanted to happen. If I don’t talk socialization becomes distant and strained, therefore no more people. If there are no more people in my life then I won’t have to worry about inflicting anymore pain upon them. Then I will officially be alone.

Do people fear loneliness?

These aimless thoughts are going to kill me one day.



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