Pursuit to my happiness


There are quite a few things that interest me, like people, for instance, and the must have relationships we must have with things, whether they be animals or other human interactions; people need to feel love. People need to feel cared for. (sociologist talking)

Research and studies have positively shown that we are the only mammals on this earth that need love for survival. Why is that? For the longest I never understood why people ‘need’ other people, why they ‘needed’ to have that closeness with someone, but after some research on this subject I’ve come to this concurrency–we cannot understand why humans ‘need’ to feel love in order to survive. Yes we can provide the three basic necessities, e.g. food, water, and shelter, but without love or care an individual simply cannot survive. Strange right? One study shows that a little girl was kept in a room and her abusive mother gave her the three basic necessities I’ve listed above. But the mother didn’t love her, she never gave that little girl an ounce of affection, therefore causing the little girl to (and I add-lib) suffer from depression that lead to her death.

Here’s a question: what if we get ‘love’ but the definition we’ve connotated for ourselves of ‘love’ isn’t what we wanted or needed as a child? Could this explain why some individuals have insecurity issues or commitment problems? Maybe this isn’t the case—but what if it is?

Sometimes I wonder if my parents understood my basic needs of ‘love’ as a child; sometimes I wonder if my friends can see why I aquire to feel ‘loved’. Never been the type to tell you how I feel….that’s my fault. Enough of rambling.

Here’s one more question, and this blog is all over the place: What is love? What is this feeling we all need to have in our lives to survive and feel we’re a part of something?



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