Pursuit to my happiness

Today I heard someone say that anyone who uses sex to sell art, or to promote their work, is considered porn-freaks.

As humans we have learned to observe, to question what we see and how we percieve it. For example, art. The definition of art is: Works produced by such skill and imagination. Hold on to that thought because I’m about to bring up another definition. Sex–yes, that overromanticized but so seemingly beautiful act that people create and make every three seconds. But how would you define it? Sex doesn’t necessarily have one concrete definition because many people view the topic to be considered several different things. Everyone knows that the initial act of putting the male genitalia into the female sex is, ultimately, considered sexual intercourse; so if everyone can agree that this knowledge is considered sex, wouldn’t you say that when you are having sex, or making love as I like to say, that you and your partner are using your skill and imaginations to create this bond?

Would you consider art as a form of sex or sex as a form of art? If you look at it as two seperate topics then it seems to complicate the mind, therefore tricking it into believing that each subject cannot form any kind of bond. But, as I like to believe, that there is a bond.


Sex is a form of art, especially in today’s modern society because it is a subject that many artists enjoy capturing. Whether you watch it, explore it, experience it, draw it, paint it, film it, etc., artists choose sex because when the chemistry is pure that welcomes many inspirational thoughts; many inspiring works.

Image– Terry Richardson


Artists use nudity and sex not only because it’s inspiring, but because it sells. Look around you; when is the last time you’ve opened a magazine and didn’t see any kind of sexual picture to sell a bottle of perfume? Sex is a beautiful and broad topic and since it’s no longer much of a taboo subject anymore many people are exploring more in to it to push and explore those boundaries. People like to see what they can get away with and sex is one of the leading topics chosen to test with.

Before you judge what is “porn” or what is art, examine the photo or sculpture and allow your emotions to flood your body for a moment–take it in.

“Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right.” 
―    Woody Allen


Comments on: "The Fine Line That We Walk" (1)

  1. As an artist, I couldn’t agree more…thx for the reblog too!!!

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