Pursuit to my happiness


The book of Revelation has always been intriguing to me, in that it seems to cover up more than it reveals.  The metaphors and similes leave a great deal of information to be interpreted by the reader.  If you’re like most people you leave that up to the more learned individual.  There could be a college course on that book alone.

So,  what is Revelations trying to show to us?  The signs that befall the end of the world?  The final battle between good and evil?  Maybe its to show us what heaven is going to be like once we die…of course if you make it.  Whatever the reason for it, it has been the cause of much debate from it’s inception.  Now,  as a preacher’s kid,  I heard just about every interpretation of this book that one could imagine, but none of them ever satisfied my desire for clarity.

There are so many versions of what’s right and…

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