Pursuit to my happiness

When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice. – William James


There comes a time in every human’s life to make a decision, to make a choice, to post a path; but what happens if you don’t make that choice? What happens when your mind is telling you something different than what your heart says? Do you sit back and let the situation ride out; or do you decide and stick to your decision? Do you have any regrets?

When I get logical and I don’t trust my instincts – Thats when I get in trouble.- Angelina Jolie
You have a thing called a brain, and its competitor the heart, which, when the two are in synch with the other, you, ulitimately, have this grande plan set out for yourself. But when your mind tells you to let something go and your heart tells you to give something a chance, which do you end up listening to? Whatever choice you decide to make, if you make one, will effect you for the rest of your life–no matter how miniscule the situation is.
Every mind must make its choice between truth and repose. It cannot have both. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
What is right for you? Is it better to prolong and drag someone along until the situation dies out or should you face the situation head on and deal with it?
Why do we have to make such difficult decisions? Why were we brought up to make a choice in the beginning? We all have to make sacrifices to get where we want, how we want it, when we want it, and who we want it with. But why do we have to make these heartwrenching decisions? If your goal is to be happy and your happiness is love, why sacrifice a career? Or vice versa.
Something that I’ve been thinking about lately is: if I had to choose between genuine happiness or beautiful success, which would I pick and why? Why do we have to only choose one? Why can’t we have both?
The point to this is; with anything you face you will be given two (or quite possibly more, but it ultimately comes down between two) options which one of them being the one you want while the other will be the one you need. With any sacrifice we have two contenders we must help us make our decision: our mind and our heart. If we use our mind, our logic, will you get jibbed? If our heart is our answer, will we be faced with stupidity?

Everyone has a choice–no matter how they go about making it.

xx B

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