Pursuit to my happiness

Looking Through Glass

Let’s say for a moment that you were inside of my mind; you feel my stress, my anxiety and my passion, but what good would it do if you don’t understand it? What if you don’t understand how I feel? For a moment just think what it’s like to be bold, to always have somebody else make that first initial move that haunts and worries your mind every time you pass by her? “What if she’s it? What if she isn’t?” Two choices: either find out if she is or think about if you should pursue something that may seem skeptical to you. You were always so skeptical at pursuing something foreign. Let’s go back to the mind; she thinks out her emotions and feelings, could you handle that? Sometimes you worry so much if she’d be able to handle you and all of your minor insecurities, the same insecurities that make your character and help you choose what you want in a wise and simplistic fashion. Will you be able to handle all that her mind carries? You always see her think all of the time, her stares are constantly judging and discriminating, there’s always something, or somebody, to be concerned about. There’s a lot of thoughts and deep depths in there.

Your mind has to look through hers as if you were looking through a glass.

Let’s travel down into the chest where her heart thuds hard at the sound of your voice. Will you be able to understand why she’s silent around you? Will it finally be clear that your presence alone causes her tongue to tie up in silly little knots as her mind begins to race? There goes that mind thing again, always churning quickly to process everything that she intakes. She is an observer, you know. If you feel her heart can you appreciate that she only saves all of the love and affection for you? Will you wonder why she never shows it to anyone else or will you finally understand that she doesn’t want anybody else in her arms except for you? This is the second strongest organ in her tiny little body, it feels and does so much for that she can only hope, one day, you will feel her and begin to understand that it is helping you, too.

When you feel, will you feel that time she takes out of her life just to satisfy you will seem a lot more special? Will you feel what she touches and understand why she smiles when it reminds her of you? And how quickly her reactions are when they send those ‘butterflies’ that flutter her heart then up to that constantly thinking brain of hers as it gives her body the ‘okay’ to search for such a pleasure? Will you understand?

She only wants you to be able to understand her without questions–she finds comfort in trusting you. If only you were to make that move…
Sometimes it’s hard trying to define what your heart wants, what her mind wants, but for once there is some kind of unified, unwritten agreement. It’s up to you how far you would like to pursue the one you’re curious about, but don’t forget to feel her mind, think about your heart, and remember the touch you two both will feel.



Food for thought.



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