Pursuit to my happiness

Round Two Now

Hello all!

Anyone who reads (or glances) on this thing has probably realised that I love exploring the depths of sexual encounters. Maybe that means I’m obsessed with the topic? No such thing! Anyways, every time I hear this song I think about that amazing passion that only two compatible partners can create.

Ain’t this what you came for? Don’t you wish you came more? Ah, come on Come on, let me kiss that Oh, I know you miss that. What’s wrong?  Let me fix that…

You know when you have that intense want (or need, depending on your sex drive and preferences) for someone? When your body quivers at just the thought of being near him? It’s hard knowing that being physically apart like this can only heighten my want for you.

And now the bed’s broke


Yeah…if you read this, it’s about you.




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