Pursuit to my happiness


Do you really want me?


This was going to be about how much I liked you, this was going to be about how much I wanted to tell you how I’m so smitten over you; but now this is about how I want to tell you how I’m slowly leaving you. If you ever read this I hope you’ll understand that this is probably for the best. Shitty way of confessing these things called “feelings”, but you don’t talk to me that much and no one reads this thing any way. This is like a goodbye, in a sense. Beneath This Flesh Beats A Heart and this is my chance to tell you how I feel.

And you made me turn from the way I saw myself, and you’re patient, love; and you help me help myself  -Gotye

Over time I had this catch, or attachment, per se, on you and never knew why. You’re a lot of things that I like, and I like that I like those things, it’s just hard to satisfy this ‘attachment’ I have when we’re far a part. We aren’t anything, I probably made mountain out of a molehill, we weren’t anything. You had your life and I had mine, still remains that way, and I’m glad that we could have the chance to become friends. For that, I’m forever blessed you’re in my life. As the “feelings” tended to persist it became annoying because it didn’t seem you are interested in me the way I was interested in you.

But I don’t wanna live that way, Reading into every word you say- Gotye


Obviously I began to wonder if anything was going to happen–at all. I’ve come to terms now that you’re going to live the life you want to; whether it be single and flirtatiously, or you settle down with someone who will make that beautiful smile of yours appear to the point where it’s burned in her memory. I will always have feelings for you, but I know I shouldn’t have tried to tag at a man who leads a different life than mine. A part of me wanted to believe that we were actually going to pursue something, but then realism set in and it’s obvious your league is way higher than what I’m capable of.

Found the remedy, I had to set you free- Maxwell

I hope your life is fulfilling, don’t forget me when you become famous! (: xx


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