Pursuit to my happiness

Your life:

Your life should be the gateway to any opportunity you want to achieve, the reason you wake up every morning, and the energy you are compelled to have. Life is a mysterious thing because everyone has a different definition of what ‘life’ and ‘living‘ is; for example, I believe that waking up each day and knowing my loved ones are doing well is a part of my way of ‘living’, getting the chances to see and meet new and interesting people is a part of ‘life’ that I enjoy. I have the chance to know what love feels like, because it’s a part of ‘living’, I get to experience what a new ‘life’ is like thanks to the people I’ve met.

Your life should be something you should cherish because there are people out there that would kill to be where you are. Appreciate yourself, smile because YOU deserve to.

Your life should be about anything you want to be; ultimately, you should be what my friends and I like to say “about that life”, whatever that life you want it to be. Do what you freaking want to, ‘live’ your ‘life’ and set yourself up for success. This world needs more people with lives and not just temporary moments of peace and happiness.

So go inspire yourself, go outside and make peace with the ground below you, or even take a run and think about what you can do to fill the spaces in your life.

Basically, it is important to me that you all are happy with your life. (:



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