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A bit of Romance


This video sums up so much of my thoughts of intensive love making, just saying…..






Sticky Fingers Covered in Honey

I am a horrible student. Do you see what I’m doing right now instead of doing homework?


Today I almost got ambushed by this guy that I had just met. Not only am I freaked that he will find out where I live but I’m also freaked that he will find me and start useless trouble. I can’t get the disgustingly lustful looks out of my head, the naughty words embossed into my brain; seriously, who tells somebody that you want to have their children the first time you meet an individual? It’s so disgusting what this society is coming to now, trash. What happened to respect? Where the hell did courtesy go? What happened to treating others the way you want to be treated? Well…that one is still kind of up in the air right now. It was so creepy. To make matters worse I was alone, of course. All of the creepy rape situations happen whenever I’m alone.

I’m so disgusted right now.


On a positive note, G Spliff’s My Noisy Voice is an amazing way to chill out and pretend a margarita is settled right between your palms. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Onto researching women and abuse…yeah, great timing I know.



Leadership Gone Lazy?

Isn’t it just mindboggling how people act? How they react? Isn’t it strange how the same people who complain and whine about not ever getting a satisfied and fulfilled life are the same individuals who aren’t doing anything about changing that? I decided to research people in a leadership role and analyse how they got these roles because I’m honestly curious.

As I search on I notice that not a lot of people, particularly females, in the United States have big leadership roles. I see a lot of Croatians, plenty of Icelanders, Bangladesh, Brazilians, Australians, etc. but not many Americans. Why is that? Why do I live in a country where so many people complain about how their lives aren’t going anywhere fulfilling, yet they aren’t taking much initiative towards leading a stronger, more stable and satisfying lifestyle? As Americans we complain about how we can’t ever fulfill our dreams and how hard it is to begin living a leadership role but no one ever said it was easy. Being a leader comes with great power, great wisdom, yet it is a very big role to play.

It’s tiring to watch people whine all the time about being at a stand-still with themselves, mostly women, because most people are afraid of going out and getting what they want. Yet I wonder why these individuals would prefer to waste time waiting on someone else to stand up for them and take the lead? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Basically, stop waiting around for people to do your job because only you can fulfill your dreams, only you can take on that leadership role because you know yourself, and only you can determine how far you can push yourself to fulfill those big leadership shoes.

My rant for today. Back to “research” 😉


Skin on skin contact–it burns

First post in this new year! Hope everyone’s holidays went well and that you are celebrating 2012 with a new attitude.


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