Pursuit to my happiness

Now many are thought not only unexplained but inexplicable; as language, sleep, dreams, beasts, sex. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sex, we all think about it whether it is aloud or it’s on our universe. What’s the deal with sex? It seems to be a topic that always leaves people feeling extremely exuberant or very confused. I suppose it depends on who you are questioning. I like to wander about the topic of eroticism because it seems to be a very interesting topic to focus on: how individuals process erotic thoughts, where they come from, what triggers them, how extreme a person is willing to go to exceed his/her erotic fix. Every time I watch Hurricane by Thirty Seconds To Mars I get such a thrill because Bartholomew Cubbins does an amazing job with exploring some of these expressions in the film. Haven’t viewed the censored version? Click here to view. Don’t want a censored version? Head to Uncensored to view. Please be over 18, the world knows we don’t need anyone viewing such intense content and dropping out of high school to pursue a pornographic career. Stay in school, kids!

I’m about to speak my mind just a sec about this short film before continuing on about the main topic. Hurricane, if you have viewed it, expresses many forms of sexual pleasure which is important, yeah? It encourages individuals to let their freak flags fly (learned this from Nahgem, thanks ;)) and be who you want to be when it comes to wanting to being a freak between the sheets…or between other things if that is what strikes you. Bondage. There is a great deal of bondage in this video and that makes me a happy camper. Allow scarves, rope, chains, etc. to become your new best friend and allow your significant other to completely dominate your body as well as your mind and fuck your soul. It’s earth quaking where domination can lead, just sayin’. There is also a lot of sexual torture in the film such as hot candle wax, spanking, whips, gags, etc. It’s a hot video, I need to stop talking about it….

Back to eroticism. It fascinates me how people can think about a subject and get off from it. What is eroticism? I highly encourage people to develop their own definition, but in case you’d rather have a general idea: 

  • The sexual or erotic quality or character of something
  • the use of sexually arousing or suggestive symbolism,settings, allusions, situations, etc., in art, literature, drama,or the like of
  • the condition of being sexually aroused or excited
  • sexual drive or tendency
  •  an abnormally persistent sexual drive.

Eroticism is not usually something that women discuss openly. Why? My opinion is because women are usually too shy about voicing their sexual wants, likes, and needs. We have a tendency to not be assertive enough. What triggers a man to become aroused by watching a woman writhe in pleasure as she is restrained to a bed post? Or what sparks a woman’s interest to have hot candle wax running down her body as it burns her skin and she screams in pain and pleasure? What causes a sexual attraction in the first place? Human brains are wired so differently yet we all have this part that just explodes when we are sexually stimulated. It’s just so fascinating to me listening to different individual’s thoughts about sex and all of its sexual satisfaction.

Pleasing is the way to go, just saying.

I should stop listening to Hurricane, and I should stop writing about this, it’s causing too good of a distraction.

You should think about what you want from sex. After all, sex is supposed to be a two-way (or more?) pleasurable street.


xx Yenttirb


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