Pursuit to my happiness

Bead for Life!

Africa has been a place I’ve been aching to go to for quite some time n0w, especially northern Uganda. Northern Uganda has a program set up with a team called Beads for Life to ensure women who makes beads a steady income. These women handcraft each and every bead by using recycled paper. Each bead is then carefully selected then rolled into its beaded shape until thousands of beads are made. After the beads are made they are strung together and each woman crafts the material (whether it’s bracelets or necklaces) into a fashionable piece of jewelry. Depending on the item only $.47 out of ten dollars go towards administrative and fundraising costs while  $7.03 go towards the women and $2.40 go towards program services! Amazing, absolutely amazing!

Bead for Life also makes  shea butter soap and peppermint lip balm that is just as beautiful as the beads. All of these things I’ve listed go towards a great cause.

Click here to find out more information about bead parties to help these women out or just to fulfill your curiosity about the beaded project!

Next update is going to be about another pressing matter that’s been on this universe lately: eroticism.



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