Pursuit to my happiness

I love that song, great song to relate to. I have relations with that subject, I live in my universe (mind). Since I do live up there that’s why it is no longer called my mind, it’s my universe. What’s on my universe right now? That’s a Facebook question.

On to what I was wanting to express to you all. There comes a time whenever an individual has to make a life-altering decision (if you think about it, every decision is a life-altering one) that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Do you take it? Do you weigh the risks of benefits and damage beforehand or do you just plunge right into the matter? If you decide not to follow through with it will you regret it? Would you go back and try to see what may have happened? Or do you decide to take that plunge and just go for it? Choices like these are always ones which I hate making because a sudden urge to not do it clouds my mind. I need to begin taking more risks…maybe. Either case, the decision I want to make has been crowding around in my subconscious lately and I believe it’s time for me to make a final decision whether I want to follow through with it or just wait. I’ve always waited and now that I have another opportunity to partake in this it seems as though I’m supposed to? Or maybe it’s a test? It could ultimately be either-or considering where I’ve walked.

I know this is very vague, but it can apply to most anything yeah?

I love Pandora. I also love Lux Aeterna. (latin).

I’m going to Google some things and maybe get back to this thing to tell you guys how it went. Hope your choice gets decided on adequately.

xx Yenttirb


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