Pursuit to my happiness

There is a three hour shift I’m covering for someone and I’m only on the first hour…But I have an entire house to myself? There isn’t really any alcohol. I kind of lied. I should apologize for leading you on…

Anyway, had this crazy dream last night. There was a lot of sex going on and, to be frank, I’m not too sure why? Maybe it’s my subconscious talking to me in my dreams.

It started off with this guy, whose name I shall keep confidential just in case he reads this, talking to me about strange things. Very strange things. When he wasn’t telling me about the strange dreams he had been having he wasn’t saying a word. Nothing. When someone goes from talkative to silent it makes ones brow rise, well mine did at least. I couldn’t help but ask him why he had silenced and his answer was he was listening to the silence and interpreting it into a message that individuals usually overlook. By this time I’m completely confused and I don’t know what to really say, so I just sit and go off into my own thoughts. He watches me, I can feel his gaze shift to my body, and makes mental notes on how my entire body language is blank. He can’t tell what I’m thinking, when I wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular, he can’t get what I’m feeling. I’m blank. It skips to he and I on a couch and we’re laying down. He gets up to use the bathroom and I leave to go into a bedroom, I lay back down. When he comes back in he lays down and he holds me from behind but I insist that I spoon him. (I’m not sure why I feel that’s important but something tells me that it is). He’s reluctant about it but he finally allows me to hold him, which is strange because I then became silent?

Somehow that turned into wandering hands. Darkness and an attractive, loving man seems to do things to my mind.

After that I don’t really remember what happens next, it just kind of blanks out. Maybe I’m turning into a typical gal, maybe I’m becoming one of those girls who complain when she hasn’t gotten laid in two weeks.



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