Pursuit to my happiness


There are several different components to a person and their natal chart, such as: which sign represent what zodiac is in your personality and its degrees, what planets are in you and how they effect you, and it shows how many elements (air, water, earth, and fire) are in you.

Today I learned that Mars, the God of War, rules our energy, our actions and desires, our animal instincts. It not only rules over those things it also rules our body attraction to other people. Although Venus rules the romantic portion of our attraction, Mars takes our sexual desires and makes us act as opposed to react.

I found it strange how my Aquarius is in Saturn, the ruler of restriction. As anyone who has searched about the zodiac an Aquarius is known for rebellion and boundary-breaking. Mine is really low….explains why I still abide by the rules, eh?

Neptune controls psychic sensitivity. How would that work if my Neptune is in Capricorn and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces? Caps and Pisces are on two different ends of the chain with little similarities to compare them to.

Pluto is associated with rebirthing and renewal–it’s also Scorpio’s ruler. Since Pluto rotates slower than the rest of the planets (and yes I will argue that Pluto is a “regular” planet…it has feelings too!) then that means that my generation of people will all have their Pluto in Scorpio. People who have Scorpio in their Pluto search for a deeper meaning and truth in life, or whatever they are searching for.

Your ascendent marks your physical attributes, overall health, and our body ego. It also represents our natural defense mechanisms that we get used to, change in to, or environment ourselves in to. Our midheaven demonstrates our life path that we want to take.

I just looked up eros….I’m so confused. A really good site for a confirmation about YOUR personal free natal chart is cafeastrology.com


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