Pursuit to my happiness


What is happiness? I’ve heard the term all of my life and yet it’s safe for me to conclude that I’m still unsure of what this ‘happiness’ is. I’m in the pursuit of this topic, I’m in the works of finding out about it as well, but isn’t happiness supposed to be one of those things that one is supposed to internally ‘get’ or ‘understand’? I search the word all of the time to see what a good definition of being ‘happy’ is supposed to be like so maybe when my symptoms match to those of Google search I will have an idea of what the hell is going on with me.

The dictionary always brings up the word ‘feeling’ or ‘feel’ followed by the word ’emotion’, neither of which I’m awesome at doing. So far on my pursuit to my ‘happiness’ I’ve gathered this tid bit of information thus far—

–> I prefer to think with my head instead of my heart, which hinders my journey towards my pursuit.

–> I Google what happiness is so I have guidelines?

–> Google gives bad definitions of ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’…but I guess that’s more of an individualistic thing huh?

–> On this journey I’ve learned that when I help others it brings me some sense of ‘joy’?  Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction.

–> I’ve gathered I’m thinking too much and not feeling enough. Capacity to experience the higher emotions; sensitivity; sensibility

–> I literally just searched the word ‘feeling’…

But it always gets worse before it gets better, right? It can’t honestly stay this way. I used to be able to feel and emot and express myself in a better way than what I am now…maybe I just need time. Or the right kind of understanding and empathetic person?

My contacts are dry….

No matter what happens, I’ll always have writing and my mind to tide me over.

Yeah, I thought optimism would perk up there haha (:


Seriously though…go check out Framing Hanley. Ryan, Luke, Chris Brandon, and Nixon are AH-MAZING.


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