Pursuit to my happiness

Matisyahu + Ry Cuming (my first)

Hi all! I’m supposed to have my nose buried in American Literature but instead I’m blogging, posting a video, and looking up classical/orchestral music while Facebook messaging my sister. I know, Twitter is where it’s at, but she insisted on deleting hers a while back so now we’re back to Facebook…

On to important things! Last night was one of the best concerts I believe I’ve ever attended. First was Ry Cuming, the opening act. If you’re sheltered and haven’t listened to the man go check out Ry Cuming and experience this Australian beaut. He interacted with our crowd very well if I do say so myself. I mean, not a lot is going on here in Alabama and quite frankly if I was from Australia I would be awkward playing in a place where dudes yell ‘Roll Tide!’ instead of ‘Good job’; but he worked with what we gave him, and the guys didn’t yell ‘Roll Tide!’ as much as what I thought they would. His voice reminds me of a Coldplay meets older Kings of Leon with a hint of Augustana, ya dig? It’s so soft and soothing, I want him to sing me to sleep every night. His style was beast as hell too. He wore a destroyed greyish coloured scoop neck shirt with a denim jacket over it, one of his pants legs were rolled up while the other leg fit comfortably around his shoe, and he had a really pretty turquoise ring resting on his right ring finger. Of course you can’t be cool unless you’re working a grey fedora, which Ry did and he worked it successfully. He’s funny, he can play guitar, he can sing, and he has style. Why wouldn’t you want to check this guy out?

Matisyahu, how can I describe words on how you made me feel last night. Throughout his entire set the bass was down so low it felt like I had an orgasm all over my body. I love bass (:. I’d never seen any of his videos or listened to many of his songs before last night but I was vibin’ like a muddafugga. His lines were smooth and his transitions and his overall persona just exuded swag and cool. He’s the type of guy that you’d want to go to a smoker’s circle with because he’s just that chill. His songs made me feel as if I were high, when really I was only high on music ;), and feeling people around me calm down and chill out really had an exhiliarating affect on me for some reason. His dancing…is so amazing I think I wanna steal it. When he zones out and allows the music to overtake his body he just completely lets go of himself and you know you’re awesome when you start releasing your swag through speakers. He released his swag….through the speakers. I don’t know how to describe it to you, it was one of those feelings where you just had to BE there to know what I’m talking about. It put me in a trance sort of, which doesn’t take much, but the fact that just him being him self  really made me just feel any and everything. Oh my stars…amazing shit. There was a short man that was behind me, given I know I’m fairly tall…, and he kept trying to outreach his hand so Matisyahu could touch it but I wanted him to touch mine so my arse was like a barracade to this dude behind me. I felt bad because my ass wasn’t moving so he could get through but you gotta do what you gotta do ya know? I mean he shouldn’t have kept trying to put his hands on my arse when I was dancing, just sayin’…Back to the performance. I liked the way he connected with the crowd, he really made sure that we felt like he did–free of our minds and just felt the vibes. When he jumped into the crowd for a crowdsurf I was really surprised the security didn’t try to set him back or anything, he was just–free. I definitely felt like he rubbed off on me, because his swag is contaaaaaaaaaaaagious, in more ways than one. I’ll keep this PG :).

But yeah, watch the video, like now. Meghan and I need to make one. When we’re together it’s like we throw up colour.


I think I\’m addicted to naked pictures


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