Pursuit to my happiness

John Mayer may be a douche…

But his mother still loves him? Yeah. Your Body is A Wonderland cover

Check that out, he’s amazing and his performance is killer. John may have competition.

This is an amazing picture because of two reasons: first off, this tattoo is amazing. Everything from the detail of the tattoo to the design is so pretty and I lust after it so hard (for other cool looking tats click here). Secondly, you have to admit, that’s a hot pose. Her pose is very coquettish with her shirt hanging limply around her finger to tease her audience of her nude and awesome looking back. If I had a hella amazing tattoo like that I’d have a pose like this:



I want a tattoo, something music related of course, but I’ve been on the fence about it for a while now. Tattoos are looked at as a taboo, especially to women…and especially to women with colour pigmenting their skin. Why does getting a tattoo have to be viewed as just a “white” person’s thing? (Another subject for another time). I would want one behind my ear…or on my neck. I’d want it somewhere coy so if I’m undressing myself a guy can think “that’s a sexy place for a tattoo” and I’d be like “yeah it is”.


Unicorn insemination…:/


Not much is going on in my head lately…well, nothing blog-post worthy, and this computer is dying. It’s yelling at me to plug it in and feed it. I love music. I’m hungry. Pop-Tarts? Cherry. Cherries are sexy. Time to study…I hate school.




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