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Champagne Pourin’

Howdy! It’s a little late but, uh, I’d like to post pictures up and stuff from when Meghan and I went to Lake Tahoe on the 4th…I don’t use the Internet much, don’t judge me.

It goes in decending order I do believe…whichever way goes from bottom to top. I’ve came to the conclusion that going to Lake Tahoe was the best thing that’s happened to me (thus far) because it gave me so much experience and fulfilled so much of my curiousity. I’m very curious (:.


The ride with Chase going to the airport was completely fun within itself (Chase is a guy friend of Meghan and I and soon I shall post a picture of him so you can stare into his oceans. Very interesting fella) because when you put Meg and I in the same vehicle with each other…shit gets intense. We drove through parts of Alabama that I thought were simply pure and simple, small towns and poorer towns that gave me much appreciation for life and the small things. Once we got to Nashville my adrenaline kicked IN so hardcore. I’ve been to Nashvegas quite a few times in my life but I’ve never been to the airport. I kept wondering how many country stars have sat in those same terminal seats that I rested my arse in. I’d never rode on a plane before prior to this trip, never really left the south until earlier this year when Jaz and I drove to Maryland. Another story for another blog. I think I beasted that shit, with Meghan’s help of course. I got on like I’ve been on a million planes, found my seat like it was my assigned seat in elementary, and fell looked about all calm-like. We looked boss.

It was a long ride to Los Angeles and to be honest I was too excited to look around LAX. Sadly, we had a delay on our way there and we couldn’t explore LAX like we had wanted, we immediately boarded onto another plane going to Vegas as soon as we landed. When we arrived in Vegas we were absolutely gutted. I was representing some laggish body language, uncomprehensive listening skills, and rocking some tired eyes. I wore my sunglasses inside, my peeps in LA would be proud. We were hungry though; last time we had ate was at 11 the day prior and it was going on 12 in the morning the next day so we were starved. We got Starbucks (I’m no longer a Starbucks virgin ;)) and talked a bit…actually I did the majority of the talking. When I’m sleepy I’ll say random shit. I mean random. I’m surprised Meghan didn’t tell me to shut the hell up so she could sleep. She loves me. Anyway, so we found some place on the top level of the airport and settled in there. We took turns guarding our bags while the other went to the bathroom and changed clothes. As soon as I changed I curled up on the floor and took a 4 hour nap. I woke up with bruises on my body, that floor was as hard as a rock and my pillow was our luggage…get the picture?

So we had to hussle around baggage claim and print out our tickets and all that boring shit before we had to go back through baggage claim. I was excited though because we were about to board our last plane and that was to Reno and after that would be the concert. Oh…the concert. We had some funny shit go down on that plane. Meghan grabbed some older lady’s leg because we had an abrupt landing. Nobody else seemed to mind it, I jumped…Meghan grabbed the woman’s leg. She looked at Meghan like she liked it…don’t tell her. HAAA!

We get to Reno-Tahoe and wait for our shuttle so we could get to our Embassy…I left my heart at the Embassy, I loved that place! Anyway. We go on our hour and a half shuttle ride to our hotel and set up getting ready for our concert! I was TOO THRILLED about this concert because I’ve waited five years to see this band. Five. I’ve seen both of my other favourite bands before these guys have even thought about doing this tour…but at last, it has came. We get ready, Meghan showers with her sunglasses on while I run around the place half naked…I felt so rockstar. We get to MontBleu and run in to find the spot. Mind you, it’s cold as a monkey’s balls in this place and I remained cold throughout this entire trip, next time I will dress accordingly (:. We meet some Echelon (If you don’t know who the Echelon is get the fuck out of my blog) and most of the time I’m quiet and taking in this new environment. Braxton walks by us, he’s so tiny. We hear this Ninja song and it was SO RANDOM and I loved that song…it was fun. The concert was supposed to start at 9 that evening but it actually starts around 9:15ish, maybe 9:20? Oh man….I seen Shannon come out on his drums and I think I died. Seriously. That man can drum something intense! It’s like when he drums he’s drumming to the beat of my heart. It’s just THAT amazing. Then Tomo comes out and I got so excited! Tomo is amazing, very underappreciated for his work and he’s a Virgo…hehe. I couldn’t see enough of him from where I was standing 😦 but I could hear him…that’s all that matters! Then, as if the setting couldn’t get any better, Jared comes out. All the females scream for him, I heard one yell for him to take it all off. It was so awkward…but he looked amazing. As always (:.

I won’t bore you with my rants on how amazing I thought the concert was…or how beast Shannon was…or how cool Tomo’s riffs were…or how amazing Jared sounded/looked…or how amazing it was to be surrounded by the Echelon. It was just priceless.

Anyways, we had a hell of a trip back. Got a free shuttle ride back to the airport because the driver loved Mars and he was cool as hell, we waited in an…”interesting” spot at the Greyhound, and our trip back was very unsatisfying. Buses will never ever be an option for me for traveling back because it’s purely uncomfortable. You guys should read Meg’s version of the story, way more details. To check it out head over to theurinaryolympics.wordpress.com and read until your heart’s content. Gotta post on my Livejournal and I want to nap…..


Peace out whores xx


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