Pursuit to my happiness

John Mellencamp- Jack & Diane

John Mellencamp does things to my body that I didn’t know a man could. Yes, he molests my soul and…quite frankly, I like it. This song makes me smile and know life will be okay. Yeah, I’m stuck in the 70’s and 80’s; to be honest I believe I was born in the wrong time era. I love big hair…far too much….(:

Also I’ve been on this intense oldies kick since the Summer and I’m not sure why. My mother says I’m strange because I like music that consists of memories from her childhood and she doesn’t even like 70’s. Her loss?

I’ve had 3 cups of coffee within the last 2 hours…catch my drift?

I’ve not done jack-diddly on my current book either, been too busy with re-reading my past stories, having ‘fun’ times (with others and alone), and sleeping. This doesn’t even include school, what a waste of time huh? My point for today’s post is completely irrelevant to your life as I wanted to just ramble on about nothing just to have a post up. I thought about posting in my Livejournal account but do I honestly feel like it? No, I don’t. (lazy day today). About two and a half weeks ago my friend Meghan and I did a ballsy thing and travelled all the way to Lake Tahoe, Nevada from Alabama. Yeah, Alabama. Some guy there asked us where the hell Alabama is and for some reason that killed my insides with laughter. Not laughed that hard in a long while. Maybe I’ll do a video post. I smell more coffee…The point of the trip was to see the band 30 Seconds To Mars. If you don’t like them get the fuck out of my face because I’m about to school you. Hard. Harder than sex hard. Yeah, I said it.

The concert was too short for my usual taste of concerts, I wanted MORE of them (I’ve loved them for 5 years and I’m just now getting to see them…see why I’m impatient?). It seemed to have only lasted an hour and some minutes long but their energy and their performance was…amazing. I’m smiling now thinking about it. That sounds creepy. Even though Jared was ill he still did an amazing job, as always, when he performed. He did some acoustics as well as some songs with Tomo and Shannon. I was surprised when he began playing songs from their S/T album, all in which was still exciting to me of course. Band nerd. I did NOT see enough Tomo at that gig! So sour I was! Tomo is my favouritest guitarist EVER and I couldn’t meet him nor could I see much of him. Completely disappointed, but that’s how bands go eh? He did more riffs in NOTH I believe and he also sounds way better live than on an album. Yeah, he’s just that amazing. Shannon was SO COMPLETELY HYPE WITH LIFE!! He made me wanna jump around and act stupid…so I did. He kept teasing the crowd by waving and smiling…muddafuggin sweating. He’s amazing on that set! He has endless energy and he just kept playing and playing, he was so pumped up! His energy wanted to make me start a mosh? But I didn’t in fear I would have broken something…anyway. Met Braxton Olita. If you don’t know who Braxton is you’re missing out on life and you sir are at the bottom of the knowledge chain because he’s ballin’ like he’s got a block awesome. Yeah, I said it. He used to be my crush for THE LONGEST I’ve had in a while until I met him. He’s so sweet and fun but when I met him it just felt like a crush wasn’t supposed to happen anymore–thus it went away. I’ve been asked who my favourite Mars guy is and everytime someone asks I always say Vicki. If you don’t know who that is you’re full of ignorant shit. I don’t mean that. But I love her, she’s amazing and she follows me on twitter…(:.

It’s coffee time–again, don’t judge me, so I must get back to ‘work’. Have a blessed and wonderful day my loves, I’ll chat soon!



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