Pursuit to my happiness

WordPress Virgin

My very first WordPress post! I guess that means I’m no longer a WP-V, yeah? Heh. So, I’ll give you the run down on who I is then will continue on as if we have been friends for quite the while.

I’m Brittney, I prefer Brit, B, or anything other than Brittney. Too original.

I’m of legal age–how old that actually is is none of your fucking business.

I’m in college, my major is Music Journalism and I’d love to drop out and explore the world.

I’m random as hell—mice with butch hats.

That’s about all about me, I’m sure you’ll figure me out more once I begin posting. So, I have a dilemma or so to type out. I’m working on two stories at the same time but I’m not sure which site I should post to: Livejournal, Tumblr, or here on WP. I haven’t posted in Tumblr for a while…but I think Tumblr is just my main randomness place. If you want that just ask for it. Livejournal is where I usually post all of my stories and shit but…I’ve gotten lazy in the past few years? (don’t judge my pancakes). So it’s decided…I’ll post my new random shit here (: (girls, stop wearing those stupid Nike shorts and long ass t-shirts. It’s ugly, very unoriginal, and I bet you don’t even run…stupid long ass t-shirts.).

On other news here’s something I’ve done in the past few days that no one knows I’ve done: Daily Fail, I ran into a wall while trying to spin in the hallways of my dorm. Yeah, it was pretty brutal and only an asian woman seen. She just gasped…I acted as if it never even happened. Anyways.

I’ll post something else on here later and begin following people…(Braxton Olita) and post some sort of video with Meghan. Maybe.

Deuces Bitches xx


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